Dr Jaroslaw Krzyzanowski M.D.

Newpark Clinic provides patients with dedicated gynaecology clinic.
Our gynaecologist is available by appointment and he is available to advise and treat all gynaecological conditions. 
Patients can expect absolute privacy and confidential at our modern clinic.

To book an appointment at our gynaecologist clinic, get in contact with Newpark Clinic today.

Our Gynaecological Treatments Include:

  • General consultation

  • Ultrasound Scan facility

  • Advice on all forms of contraception/prescriptions

  • Emergency contraception/unplanned pregnancy-help and advise

  • Pregnancy tests

  • Mirena Coil(consultation/fitting/removal)

  • HRT consultation

  • Infertility advice

  • Depo Provera

  • Implanon (consultation/fitting/removal)

  • Menopause advice

  • HPV vaccine