Dr Joanna Sikorska O'Brien B.D.S.

Newpark Clinic provides patients with a full range of orthodontic solutions, including traditional and invisible Invisalign brand of aligners.
We take into account the unique requirements of the patient and match the correct solution for them.
We use metal, ceramic and translucent aligners that are designed to be invisible inside the mouth. The innovative, translucent design of Invisalign braces means they're virtually invisible. All Invisalign braces are custom fitted to the client for a comfortable fit that gently straightens teeth; giving patients the stunning smile they’ve always dreamed off.

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Invisalign is a modern teeth straightening system. This method replaces the traditional braces and provides both children and adults with a translucent, removable aligner. This aligner is replaced every two weeks, gradually re-positioning the teeth to the projected final position.
The Invisalign aligner system is the contemporary solution to the straightening of teeth. Many patients who’ve used this system comment on how comfortable the aligners are to wear and how they are almost completely invisible inside the mouth.
The aligners can be removed before eating and drinking, so clients don’t have to worry about food debris or food staining the aligner.

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