General Practitioner

Dr Gerard Lynch M.B.DCH,DRCOG

Ann Lynch Practice Nurse

Our doctor offers a range of general practice services including general examinations for health insurance, driving competency and company medicals. The doctor also provides maternity care and pediatric care. Blood sample taking is also available along with the injecting of travel vaccinations. Skin liaisons after a minor accident are treated and skin lumps are investigated and treated. Many of these services are covered by private insurance.

How to register

You may register by presenting yourself to the office and completing a change of doctor form (if you have a medical card) and by completing a form to allow the transfer of your medical records from your previous doctor.

How to see the doctor

We ask that you make an appointment before visiting the clinic. In the case of an emergency, an appointment is not necessary. We strive to treat all emergency cases as soon as possible.

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IMS therapy

Dr Lynch performs modified acupuncture for the management of chronic muscular conditions such as sciatica, back pain, and tendonitis of the shoulder and elbow. This treatment is not covered by the medical card scheme and patients need to sign a consent form before the treatment can begin. Please ask if you require further information.

Home visits

Home visits are available for patients who are too ill to travel to the office. If you think you may need a home visit, you can make a request by phone.  We recommend making the call as early in the day as possible.

Repeat prescriptions

Patients on long term medications may request repeat prescriptions in writing that detail the name and strength of their medication. 24 hours’ notice is requested, except in emergency situations where we will try to accommodate patients as soon as possible.

Repeat certificates

Social Welfare and work certificates can be ordered with 24 hours’ notice. At the time of the request the patient is asked to provide their PPS number and the date of issue.

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