Medical Pigmentation

Elizabeth Oakes

Newpark Clinic offers clients all over Kilkenny with dedicated medical pigmentation services. A variety of factors, including environmental damage, sun exposure, genetics, and age can lead to the development of pigment lesions. Areas that are often exposed to the elements, such as the hands and face are particularly susceptible to this kind of damage. Our medical pigmentation expert is available to advise and treat patients with pigment issues. From prescription only topical treatment to laser therapy, our pigmentation expert matches the appropriate treatment to the patient. No matter what your pigmentation issue, we invite you to get in contact with our clinic to see how we can help.

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Permanent Makeup

Our expert technician is able to offer clients permanent makeup (microblading/phibrows) solutions. Using medical tattooing techniques, permanent makeup can be applied directly to the face. This service is perfect for those with a cosmetic allergy, those seeking a permanent eyebrow solution or those who want to always look their best.
We offer:

  • Combination Brows

  • Permanent Eyeliner

  • Permanent Lip liner

Clients who normally take advantage of our service are those with a busy lifestyle who want a fuss-free beauty routine, people with vision impairments or those who have sustained burns or scars.

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